Chinese Chess for Java game

Publisher: OGG
Rp. 3.300 / Download

Mohon maaf, device anda tidak mensuport game ini.

Chinese Chess
The Chinese Chess set includes a board and 32 Chinese Chess
pieces for the two players. The board has 10 horizontal lines (rows)
and 9 vertical lines (files). In the middle of the board the central 7 files
are broken to form a horizontal space called the "river". The pieces
are placed and move on the intersections of the lines, including on the
"river banks" but never in the squares formed by the lines. The pieces
are round and flat; they are identified with Chinese characters. The
two sides are usually distinguished with the colors of red and black.
So, you are professional or amateur player? Whoever you are, you
can find the equal opponent. Let痴 play!
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: J2ME
Sound: wave, midi

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